Our Story

  It all began with David and Dianne Linderman. This dynamic pair are go getting entrepreneurs who put love into everything they do. Together they founded the Great American Entertainment Company which travels all across America bringing their lovable attractions to the young and young at heart. Throughout the years the Great American Entertainment company has grown and so has our family. Now this dynamic pair's next venture is a new Youtube series called Cooking Americana with Dianne Linderman as our host! Our show is filmed, directed and designed entirely by our family.  Everyone on our team has a talent, from make up artistry, to set design. The kids play major parts too. From the spark of imagination in a child to creative mind of an adult; we are dedicated to realizing our dreams.

the Ranch

The "Cooking Americana" stage is set on the Great American Entertainment company's beautiful ranch in the Cowboy capital of the world, Stephenville Texas!  The ranch has over 60 lush southern acres where over 250 animals roam; this includes goats, sheep, llamas, alpacas, donkeys, cows, horses, ponies, dogs, ducks, chickens, turkeys, pigs, European fallow deer and wallabies!  


the show

Cooking Americana is the kind of show you will want to watch every week!  The concept of the show is to teach the viewer how to make some of the most delicious, simple and healthy Americana recipes, (no grass and gravy here).  Along with cooking, Dianne will have a few guests stopping by to chat about an assortment of subjects from life, business, parenting, and even some good old-fashioned kitchen table politics. Most Americans have a grand desire to find their roots again, like farming, ranching and "Cooking Americana!"  

Cooking Americana Logo (no dianne).png

Join us for the funny, even magical, transformation of recipes by replacing unhealthy ingredients like white flours and white sugars with healthier ingredients, making them taste even better than your old recipes.  Make "Cooking Americana" your new addiction. Be inspired, and get the whole family in on the fun!

David and Dianne Linderman
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Our Host

Dianne has been a nationally-syndicated radio talk show host for 14 years, so her mouth never stops moving. The three things she loves most in life are kids, cooking and animals, (oh yeah, and her husband, too). As a teenager, Dianne spent many days creating soups and dishes to feed her four brothers. She  became very good at whipping up healthy, simple dishes that they went crazy over. She learned about spices and herbs by smelling them and then pairing their aromas with what she was cooking. Through a lot of trial and error she came up with some incredibly simple, healthy and decadent recipes that will knock your socks off! 

Dianne believes that everything in life should be simple. Even cooking should be simple. Her belief is that if it takes more than 20 minutes to make a recipe, then find a different recipe. Dianne has three cook books, but her recipes are yours for the taking. Tune in to Cooking Americana for fun, you won't want to miss.

Dianne’s jack of all trades husband, David Linderman, is the mastermind behind this adorable old barn stage that features vintage Airstream trailers, old classic cars and lots of Americana decor. Dianne loves Americana!